Make an Impact in Eagleview: Mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Spend your lunch hour with a child who needs an extra friend.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern Pennsylvania (BBBS SEPA) has partnered with Bentley Systems, located at 685 Stockton Drive here in Eagleview, for several years to match volunteer “Bigs” with “Littles” from the local community in a workplace mentoring program. Bigs and Littles meet at Bentley Systems offices every other Tuesday during lunch time throughout the school year. BBBS SEPA has even more kids this year who would like to be involved in the program, so they’re looking for a few good Bigs who can join the Bentley Systems Beyond School Walls programcan you help?

With BBBS SEPA’s mentoring program, you don’t need to change your life, or your schedule, to impact the life of a child who needs a role model.

As a mentor, or “Big Brother” or “Big Sister,” you will meet with a student at Bentley’s office during your work day, once every other week, for an hour. Play games, enjoy lunch together, or just talk. Your nine month commitment and bi-weekly companionship will make a BIG impact! Students in BBBS Beyond School Walls Mentoring Programs feel more competent academically, are less likes to skip school and feel that they would attend and finish college – that’s a lot of impact for a few hours a month!

BBBS SEPA provides each “Big” with a Program Coordinator who is always there to answer any questions along the way.

Becoming a Big Brother or Big Sisters with BBBS SEPA is easy. To find out more, or to start the application process contact Elizabeth Caldarola at ecaldarola@bbbssepa.org. BBBS SEPA will set up a time to meet with you at your office for our new volunteer interview to help us make the best “match” for you!

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Tonight’s Concert Update: 8/11/15

**UPDATE: The weather looks to be clearing out in time for the concert this evening. Be sure to join us starting at 7pm!**

We’ve had to frequently check the radar this morning (which has become our weekly Tuesday custom), but the show is currently proceeding as scheduled for tonight at 7pm!

All weather updates will be made here on InEagleview.com and on Eagleview Town Center social media (Facebook | Twitter).

Tonight’s show features a co-bill of:
Lindi Ortega | lindiortega.ca
Matt Andersen | stubbyfingers.ca

We are really looking forward to these bands tonight & we hope you bring clear skies along with your can food donation, lawn chairs and blankets!

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Update Your Calendar with These Upcoming August Movie Night Titles!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we’ve had to adjust this year’s Movie Nights schedule. We want to make sure everyone has a wonderful time at the movies here in Eagleview Town Center, and that starts with knowing what movie you’ll be seeing. Make sure you have the correct upcoming Movie Night movies on your calendar!

The remainder of the 2015 Movie Night season is as follows:

Next Wednesday, AUGUST 5
Annie (2014)

Wednesday, AUGUST 19

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 2 – Classic Movie Night!
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Continue reading

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Simply Yoga Studios: What is Vibrational Healing?

“Vibrational healing generally does not use physical manipulation but employs only light or no touching of the body. Instead it influences your energy systems, mind, and Soul to correct and rebalance themselves through the healing and restorative frequencies and active consciousness of constitutionally “perfect” energies such as Reiki, White Light, sound, physical light, color, flowers and plants, and crystals and gemstones— to name a few. Their subtle vibrations can dissolve, flush, or help release these blockages, restoring balance and the healthy flow of subtle and Life Force energies in your body, mind, and Spirit. Some of these energies bring changes that are fast and act physically while some work slower and deeper. Often it is best to use them in combination and adjust them as things change. What is needed for any individual’s energy to be restored and maintained varies on a case-by-case basis and is best managed by an experienced healer working in concert with them. The real story comes back to the fact that healing is not separate from Life but an integral part of our growth, and that each life is an individual journey of the Soul.”

To read more about vibrational healing, click here.

Simply Yoga Studios in Eagleview Town Center is hosting a vibrational healing session on July 25th from 1-2:30pm. A student of Debra’s at Simply Yoga writes, “during the session you are laying comfortably on your back while Debra works her magic all around and over you. With the use of music, the gong and the crystal healing bowls as her tools, she helps you to transcend the physical to a safe space where you can discover your inner vision.”

Register online to take part in the upcoming vibrational healing session or click here to discover the other workshops Simply Yoga Studios has to offer!

Simply Yoga Studios
598 Wharton Blvd | Eagleview Town Center | Exton PA
610.306.4730 | SimplyYogaStudios.com

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Tonight’s Concert Update: 7/14/15

We’re watching the weather yet again this Tuesday afternoon, but the show is currently proceeding as scheduled for tonight at 7pm.

All weather updates will be made here on InEagleview.com and on Eagleview Town Center social media (Facebook | Twitter).

Tonight’s show features a co-bill of:
Della Mae | dellamae.com
Billy Strings & Don Julin | billystrings.com

We are really looking forward to these bands tonight & we hope you bring clear skies along with your can food donation, lawn chairs and blankets!

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Community Garden Producing Results Right Here in Eagleview

The Eagleview Community Garden was created to benefit the Chester County Food Bank. Our Eagleview Community Garden Club is working hard have so far been able to donate close to 300lbs to the Chester County Food Bank, as well as close to 70lbs to the two Eagleview Senior Apartment buildings! We’d like to thank the team for doing such a fantastic job.

Want to volunteer at the Chester County Food Bank? Check out their website and sign up!

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Know Where Your Meat Comes From!

Did you know that on June 11th, the House voted to repeal labels that tell consumers what countries their meat is from? Why – to boil it down, politics and money.

What does this mean to you, the consumer? When you purchase meat in a grocery store, you’ll have no idea where that meat came from!

Not so when you shop at the farmers market. You’ll know where your meat comes from; you’ll even become best friends with the farmers who raised the animal! They’ll even invite you to visit the farm if you’re curious for details. No hidden agendas here – honest farmers making an honest living, in Pennsylvania, in Chester County and Lancaster County.

Get to know where your food comes from – shop at the farmers market every week! Exercise your right to know with your shopping practices and your buying power.

We’re proud of our livestock farmers here in Eagleview Town Center:
Lindenhof Farm at the market weekly with beef, pork, lamb and poultry
Meadowset Farm at the market weekly with lamb
Canter Hill Farm at the market monthly with pork, lamb, poultry

Click here to receive the Eagleview’s Farmers Market email and learn more about the farmers market atmosphere!

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acac donates $83,400 to Alzheimer’s Association

We would like to shout out about our very own acac Eagleview for their generous donation to the Alzheimer’s Association! The Eagleview location along with the four other acac Fitness & Wellness Centers collectively raised a total of $83,400 during the their March campaign! During the month of March, acac ran the March 30 Days for $30 campaign where 100% of their funds were donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.

We are proud to support a company that shares the same values as Eagleview and gives back to the community. We would like to thank everyone who contributed at the Eagleview location!

If you would like to read the full article on acac’s Alzheimer’s fundraising, click here.

acac Fitness & Wellness Centers
699 Rice Blvd | Eagleview Town Center | Exton, PA
610.425.3188 | acac.com/Eagleview

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No Concert this Week for the 4th of July Holiday!

There will be no concert held this Tuesday, June 30th to give us all time to celebrate the 4th of July week. Get out there and enjoy the summer! 

Make sure to join us for our next Concert on Tuesday, July 7th!
The Shook Twins with their special guests Mason Porter will be playing from 7-9pm.


Click here to join our Facebook event page. Invite your friends to join you, get up-to-date concert info or maybe just tell us how excited you are for the Shook Twins or Mason Porter!

Don’t forget the next Movie Night is Wednesday, July 8th!

We will be showing Maleficent!


Click here to join our Maleficent event page!

To see the complete 2015 Summer Events calendar and to learn all the details about attending our events, click here.

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Concert Cancellation: 6/23/15

We are sorry to announce that the concert happening tonight, 6/23, has been cancelled due to the anticipated severe storms coming our way.  Let’s hope for some better weather on the next Tuesday night concert on July 7th!

Don’t forget about our movie night tomorrow! We are showing the movie Paddington from 7-9pm.

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