The Eagle’s Nest Christian Bookstore

By Richard & Doris Goswiller, Owners

I don’t have to tell you that we are living in difficult times. With all the tension both nationally and internationally our lives can easily be filled with anxiety. Add to that our own hectic routines and our lives can become quite stressful. If not dealt with properly, we can become the victims of all sorts of spiritual, emotional, psychological and even physical problems. Perhaps you now find yourself in such a dilemma, or you may know someone else who is in difficulty. Fortunately, there is genuine help available.

At the Eagle’s Nest Christian Bookstore we have a large variety of resources addressing all the issues of life in a stressful world. These are designed to help people right where they are at in their struggles. You will find especially helpful the large selection of brief, but very well written booklets dealing with all the difficult issues of life. Just mention this article when you visit our store and you may select any one booklet of your choice with a purchase of $10. This may be just what someone needs to help them make some progress in their life! We hope to see you soon, but until then have a great summer.

The Eagle’s Nest Christian Bookstore
574 Wharton Blvd
Eagleview Town Center | Exton, PA
610.458.7521 | LICMinistries.com

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Hildebrandt Learning Centers: School Readiness Takes Center Stage at Eagleview

Did you know that 90% of your child’s brain development happens before age 3? The time spent in selecting a quality early learning program for your child is an important investment in your child’s future and the happiness of your family.

Hildebrandt Learning Centers, with two locations at Eagleview, are preparing children from a very young age for success in school. How? By employing outstanding teachers with education and human services degrees and years of valuable experience.

For instance, at HLC at Eagleview Town Center, our Director, Amber Schnitzius, has been in the early childhood field since 2007 and holds a degree in Professional Studies with minors in Education, Psychology and Sociology; enabling her to understand the whole child and the whole family. The five lead teachers have 65 years of combined experience in the early childhood field with degrees in Special Education, Psychology, Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education and Early Childhood. Continue reading

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Main Line Lighting: Top 5 Reasons to Switch to LED Bulbs in Your Home

1. Save money on your electric bill. The initial cost of LED bulbs may be misleading to consumers unfamiliar with the new LED bulbs. While the initial cost of the LED bulb is higher than the cost of an incandescent or CFL bulb, the savings is recouped over time (usually in one to three years) because the bulb will last 25-50 times longer and use much less energy than other bulbs. You WILL see the savings in your electric bill.

2. LED bulbs contain no mercury. One of the hurdles of energy-efficient CFL bulbs is the presence of a small amount of mercury in the bulbs. If a CFL bulb is broken, consumers are advised to treat the broken bulb as a hazardous material. LED bulbs contain no mercury, so there is no special concern with the handling or disposal of LED bulbs. Continue reading

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Springhouse: Your Knowledge Accelerator!

The one-stop solution for your family’s digital life!

Office for the whole family

  • Install on up to 5 PCs or Macs AND 5 Windows tablets or iPads
  • Each user gets a whopping 1 TB of online storage, perfect for storing photos, family movies and documents

Contact Springhouse today to sign up for Office classes and start your free 30-day Office 365 trial!

Your authorized Office 365 subscription retailer and training partner.

Springhouse Education & Consulting Services
770 Pennsylvania Drive
Eagleview Corporate Center | Exton, PA
610.321.2090 | Springhouse.com

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Do You Like Your Coffee ICEd?

Then come to the Innovation Center at Eagleview (ICE) for a monthly coffee hosted by the Ideas x Innovation Network (i2n). These gatherings are geared toward life sciences professionals in startup companies. Attendees can meet to share successes, brainstorm, problem solve and more!

Join us from 8am-9:30am on:
Friday, September 5th
Friday, October 3rd
Friday, November 7th
Friday, December 5th

Innovation Center at Eagleview
665 Stockton Drive | Exton, PA 19341

For more information, contact Marianne Stack at mstack@cceconomicdevelopment.com or 610.321.8222

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Clark & Goshow: The Value of Relationships

Money can be a topic people are reluctant to discuss, but having an open, transparent dialogue about your finances should be the goal when it comes to your relationship with your Financial Advisor. An integral part of the client-advisor relationship is dependent on your advisor knowing the ins and outs of your overall financial situation, as well as your goals for the future. Arming your advisor with this information helps ensure that he or she can provide you with the most appropriate resources and strategies.

Share your goals
“These conversations are about the things clients hold most dear, and it’s not always an easy discussion for clients to have,” says Jack Clark, Registered Principal of Clark & Goshow Financial Strategies Group. A high level of openness also helps the advisor craft a plan that addresses the client’s hopes for the future. Continue reading

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Passion for Fitness: Effective Strategies

Every client we have is our number one priority. Given the uniqueness of each client, an individualized plan is created to meet their individual needs. With initial assessments, our ability to see their food logging through our nutrition programs, FMS, and resting metabolic rate testing we can effectively put together a sound strategy. We gather all this knowledge and ultimately use it to achieve greater results in a shorter period of time. Clients come to us for one-on-one training because we design a one of a kind plan using our tools and expertise. We are able to do this while taking into account injuries, or if you have significant weight to lose, or you want to get stronger and fit, or you want to perform better in a certain sport. Our educated, qualified personal trainers can analyze each client with the tools at Passion for Fitness to put together an effective strategy and play for you. Continue reading

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Bernard Hankin Building Residents Collect Food for Chester County Food Bank

The residents of the Bernard Hankin Building started collecting food to donate to the Chester County Food Bank, located here in Eagleview at 650 Pennsylvania Drive. The seniors delivered a 1st donation of 70lb in June and another 75lb in July. We’d like to say “great job!” to our senior residents!

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Labor Day Weekend Open Houses

Special Labor Day Open Houses at Wellington Condominiums.

Saturday and Sunday from 1-3pm.  This is the final phase only 8 remain… over 80% sold!


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Movie Night: DESPICABLE ME 2 – Tonight Starting at 7pm!

Join us tonight as we begin the August portion of our Movie Night schedule for DESPICABLE ME 2 starting at 7pm! Be sure to have your minions bring your lawn chairs and blankets.

For more information about Movie Nights and a full 2014 schedule, click here.

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